YouGov Advocacy Spotlight & Spectrum White PaperYouGov Advocacy Spotlight & Spectrum

Our philosophy – the more we know about individuals driving advocacy, the better we can inform decisions made by the institutions that serve them.

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The YouGov Advocacy Spotlight & Spectrum study provides concrete insights into what qualifies an individual as an advocate, what traits demonstrate the highest likelihood of engagement with different causes, what forms of engagement these individuals are most likely to engage in, and more.

YouGov analyzed over 500 behavioral, psychographic, political, and demographic data points from over 3,000 US adults, determining that advocacy is a spectrum and developing a process for assessing where on this spectrum individuals fall, if they are classified as advocates at all.

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Interested in seeing which type or how much of an advocate you are?

The quizzes below provide a brief sample of the questions asked during our study for insights into your own advocate type and percentage.

What type of advocate are you?

Advocates vary across a wide spectrum. In fact, our study reveals that no two advocates are perfectly alike. Curious to know what your advocate personality is?

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How strong of an advocate are you?

People are typically put into 1 of 2 categories - advocate or not an advocate. But we know advocacy isn't an absolute term. Find out how strong your inner advocate is.

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